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Equipment Damage Policy


At Protohaven we aim to provide a safe and collaborative environment for all members to work on their projects. We encourage responsibility and accountability amongst our members, and we are committed to providing high-quality tools and equipment to help you bring your ideas to life. We trust that all members will show respect for the equipment and for the Protohaven community as a whole.

Sometimes, machines or parts of machines may stop working due to normal wear and tear. If you encounter a problem while using a machine, you are responsible for informing the shop tech on duty and filing a tool report using the QR code on the machine or going to right away! This link can also be found in your NeonOne Dashboard.


This policy applies to all damage that may occur to the equipment or facilities at Protohaven. The staff members of Protohaven have the authority to assess the extent and cause of the damage and determine the appropriate course of action.

Reporting self-caused damage

However, some machines may break down due to improper use. Anyone found responsible for equipment damage will be billed for the cost of repairs. This includes any unintended accidents caused by neglect, misuse, or lack of experience.

If a member causes damage which makes the item unusable, the member must report it immediately by informing the shop tech AND by filing a tool report using the QR code on the machine or going to

Failure to report will incur additional charges. See “How charges are calculated” below.

Restricted use, repeat violation, and policy refusal

  • Any member who causes damage to a machine and it is found that they do not possess the required clearance for the machine will have their membership revoked.
  • Members who repeatedly cause damage to equipment may be temporarily or permanently suspended from accessing Protohaven or specific equipment areas of which they have caused damage, per the discretion of Protohaven staff.
  • Any member who refuses to pay for damages they caused will be held responsible by Protohaven staff. This may result in legal action to recover the full cost of the damage.

The staff will calculate the cost of repairs based on the current market value of the equipment and the availability of parts and labor.

How charges are calculated

The repair cost is a sum of the following:

  1. The cost of parts needed to bring the equipment back to proper working order. For example, this could be the cost of a new table saw blade and SawStop cartridge if the brake fires on improper material and destroys a blade owned by Protohaven.
  2. The cost of labor to make the repair. This is $30/hour if the damage is reported, or $100 if it is not reported, with a minimum of 1 hour charged. Damage that takes considerable repair time will cost more even if the parts cost is negligible.

Damages caused during a course offered by Protohaven will be assessed by staff on a case by case basis.


In the case of replacing a blade and cartridge on the table saw that was duly reported by the member, the charge would be calculated like so:

  • $50 for a new blade
  • $95 for a new brake cartridge
  • $30 for 1 hour of labor

For a total of $175.

Commonly damaged items

Commonly damaged items include, but not limited to:

  • Wood Shop
    • Table saw blades: $50
    • SawStop cartridge: $95
    • SawStop dado cartridge: $115
    • Dado Blade Stack: $115
    • Damaged table saw fence face: $50
    • Table saw throat plate or ‘insert’ $60
    • Bandsaw blade: $20
    • Resaw bandsaw blade: $50
  • CNC Router
    • Collet: $15
    • Locking nut: $13
    • Spoil board damage greater than ⅛” deep: $45 + $15 sq/ft
  • Metal
    • Chop saw blade: $90
    • Shear blade: $600 ($100 to resharpen)
    • Vertical bandsaw blade: $30
    • Horizontal Bandsaw Blade $120
    • Angle grinder damage: $60
  • 3D Printing
  • Rabbit Lasers
    • Laser lens: $40
    • Laser Bed Damage: $295
    • Belt Damage: $100
    • Laser Tube: $700
    • Fire Damage: Repair or replacement price to be assessed
  • Textiles
    • Serger upper looper: $25
    • Serger lower looper: $10
    • Upper blade: $15
    • Lower blade: $10
    • Neele plate: $10
    • Feed dog: $10
    • CNC Embroidery Needle:


By joining Protohaven as a member and using the equipment owned by Protohaven, members acknowledge their commitment to respecting the equipment and holding themselves accountable to any damage caused.

Thank you for being a responsible member of our community!

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