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Sawstop Activation Policy

The following is the Protohaven procedures and policy to be followed after SawStop safety system (brake) activations. This policy is supplemental to and does not override any part of the Protohaven General Damage Policy.


A Shop Tech, Instructor, or Staff must remove the blade and activated brake from the machine and replace the brake and blade following the procedures on the page titled What to do if the SawStop Safety System Activates (page 45) in the Operating Manual or watch a video on the subject produced by SawStop. SawStop Service Tip: Recovering an Activated Brake

Separate the activated brake from the blade and retain both. The previously mentioned video shows how to separate the brake from the blade.


The member who causes brake activation is required to reimburse Protohaven for the replacement costs of both the brake and blade. ($145.00)

  • Brake: $95
  • Blade: $50
  • Dado Brake: $115
  • Dado Stack: $115

Reimbursement Option

Members at their own expense can send off the brake to Saw Stop for analysis and attempt to get a replacement brake.

Sawstop may authorize a replacement on certain firing codes. Sometimes including finger contact and electrical anomaly.

If you are able to get a replacement brake withing 2 weeks of the trigger you can exchange the new brake for the cost paid to protohaven.

Reimbursement Process

Mail the activated brake cartridge (no blade) to SawStop for analysis and confirmation that skin contact or other qualifying trigger caused the activation. To initiate this process, call SawStop Customer Service 503-582-9934 and request an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number and follow their instructions.

Upon SawStop’s receipt of the completed form and activated brake, they will determine the cause of activation. If skin contact is confirmed, SawStop will mail a new brake cartridge free of charge.

After receiving the new brake cartridge, bring it to the woodshop within two weeks of brake activation and pay only the replacement cost of the blade ($50.00).

If skin contact is not confirmed, or if a new brake cartridge is not brought to the shop within two weeks, reimbursement of the replacement costs of both brake and blade will be required.

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