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3D Printer Usage Policy

The 3D printers are available for members to use for personal or professional projects, subject to the following rules. This policy is supplemental to and does not override any part of the Protohaven General Damage Policy.

  • Members must follow the safety instructions and guidelines posted near the 3D printers.
  • Members must not use unapproved materials such as abrasive filaments that will rapidly wear out the nozzle. Examples of abrasive filaments include filaments that include carbon fiber, metals, wood, or glow in the dark.
  • Members must clean up after themselves and leave the 3D printers in good condition for the next user.
  • Members are responsible for any damages or losses caused by their misuse or negligence of the 3D printers and must report any issues or malfunctions immediately by filing a tool report using the QR code at the printer or going to
  • Members should reserve the appropriate amount of time on the printer to complete their job. Reservations can be made online at Members should respect the reservations of other members and not use a printer that is already booked by someone else.
  • If a member has a reservation on a printer and finds a print in progress during their time, they are within their right to cancel the print and remove it from the printer. Members should also notify the shop tech if they cancel a print that is not theirs.
  • Members must ensure that their print has a good foundation by observing the first several layers to reduce the likelihood of failed prints. Members should also check on their prints periodically and make sure they are running smoothly. Failed prints can waste filament, damage the printer, and cause delays for other users. Members should use the appropriate settings and materials for their print and follow the instructions provided by the printer manufacturer or Protohaven staff.
  • Shop Techs or members who observe a failing print should stop the print and report it to the shop tech. They can also try to contact the owner of the print if possible and inform them of the problem.
  • Any damage caused to a 3D printer by a member or a members print job is covered under the Protohaven Damage Policy.

By following this policy, members can ensure a safe and productive 3D printing experience at Protohaven. Protohaven reserves the right to revoke or suspend the 3D printing privileges of any member who violates this policy or causes damage to the printers or other equipment. Protohaven also reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without prior notice. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact Protohaven staff or email

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