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Instructor Guide

Thank you for becoming an instructor for Protohaven! Instructors are a critical resource for training and delighting members, which ensures our shop runs safely and effectively.

Instructors are responsible for delivering course offerings and working with the board and staff to develop new classes, and are expected to teach all courses for which they've confirmed their availability. All instructors are 1099 contractors and are not considered Protohaven staff or representatives.

For a list of responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits - see HERE

Non-Class Stuff


To become an instructor, follow these steps:

  1. Submit the following information to
    1. A completed W9 form
    2. A completed direct deposit form to
    3. a 2-3 sentence bio
    4. a photo headshot
  2. Submit the details of any new classes you want to teach via our new class template form.
  3. Submit the Instructor capabilities form. It's strongly recommended to use a gmail or Google account when asked for your email, as our scheduling system relies on Google Calendar for inputting availability.
  4. Schedule an Onboarding to establish your membership, get access to the #instructors discord channel and Instructor Dashboard, and get cleared on the tools you will be teaching.
  5. We will invite you to our Education Shared Drive and to the #instructors Discord channel. Please review all teaching materials for your classes (course outline, bill of materials, handouts etc.) - if changes are needed, reach out to or on the Discord.
  6. Follow the steps in the Scheduling section below to list your availability.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the class kit and the materials and tools that will be involved in the classes you agreed to teach when you submitted the capabilities form.

Classes will be automatically scheduled monthly - you'll receive an email with followup steps.


Protohaven pays staff and instructors via direct deposit according to the [payroll schedule](, on the second payroll of the month (please see pay of month column). It's recommended submit all hours immediately after teaching your class, which can be done via Submit Log button in the Instructor Dashboard.

All Protohaven instructors are 1099 contractors and are responsible for reporting and paying any necessary taxes. Protohaven doesn't pay for any costs associated with prep time, homework help, or any class time that extends beyond the (usually 3 hour) duration of the class.


Classes are released automatically a month in advance; classes for June are scheduled at the end of April, etc. with the following process:

  1. You'll receive a reminder email to update your schedule in the instructor availability calendar around the 20th of the month. If you're unable to edit events, post in #instructors and someone will help get you access.
  2. A couple days later, you'll receive another email linking to your Instructor Dashboard with proposed new classes. These classes are not yet published - you must confirm your availability in the dashboard before they will run.
  3. Around the end of the month, all confirmed classes will go live and you'll receive an email with a list of the newly scheduled classes.

If your ability to teach any class changes - whether by expecting to be late for a class, having an emergency, or other obligation - please reach out ASAP on the #instructors channel or to so we can cancel or move the class.

Class Materials

Class supply kits are located in the Classes/Events supply room. Only Protohaven staff, instructors, and Shop Techs are permitted in this room. It's your responsibility to check your supply kit well in advance of the class date, and to submit a Class Supply Request ASAP to ensure the kit is well stocked for your class.


Protohaven is not responsible for any property damage or loss - contact your insurance provider to take out a personal articles policy as an add on to homeowners’ or renters’ policy to cover any damage or loss to property that you might have at Protohaven.

Running Classes


Everyone must sign in on the laptop at the front desk - this includes instructors. Please arrive early enough to be well set up for your class.

Ensure all non-member students receive a day pass (located in the class supplies room to the right of the door) so they can come in and reinforce what they've learned. The pass should have the date of the class and the student's name written on it - day passes are non-transferable and expire after 7 days.


Ask students if they're OK with photo and video being taken. Try to collect a few photos and videos for marketing material for future classes.


Cean up your area and returning the class kit to the Classes & Events supply room.

You'll receive an email reminder to submit an instructor log via the Instructor Dashboard to mark any clearances received by students and to receive payment for hours worked.

If supplies are low, please submit a class supply request so supplies are available before the next run of the class.

If any tools were problematic or other maintenance is needed, submit a tool report.

Class Development

See this document for a description of how courses are structured and how to create a new class. Compensation is based on available funding and isn't guaranteed - but we gladly accept volunteer effort to create new classes.

Private Instruction

Instructors must undergo an additional process to become private instructors.

See this document for details. If you want to be part of private instruction, reach out on the #instructors discord channel.

Current private instructors:

  • Nolan Gormley
  • Jason Wright
  • Scott Martin
  • Jon Conley
  • Cord Merrell
  • Lizzee Solomon
  • Lola Brown
  • Brian Rooker

A few special details:

  • Private instructors must coordinate with their student on a time to meet. If you want an email address to facilitate this, ask for one in the #instructors Discord channel.
  • Members can make self-service appointments with instructors, but if folks have trouble they can reach out to and Taylor can match requests to instructors. There's also a submission form, also managed by Taylor.
  • Some clearances achieved through private instruction require a full set of tools/equipment (general wood and metal, specifically) to reduce the amount of accountability issues.
  • Pricing is for the session, not per person - if more than one person is in the session, the cost may be split among them. However, the instructor may limit attendees at their discretion.
  • It's the responsiblity of the instructor to ensure the member pays at the end of their session. This is done by picking the appropriate admission cost on the Private Instruction event, which can be found by going to, clicking Classes, Class & Event Schedule, and scrolling to the bottom of the page.
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