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Shop Tech Leads

This page is intended for new and current Shop Leads to understand what the Leads are supposed to be doing, and how.


The Leads are individuals who have a great amount of skill and experience in at least two major areas of Protohaven and have also demonstrated excellence in teaching, leadership skills, and a commitment to the success of Protohaven (and the Shop Tech program, specifically).

Leads work directly with the Executive Director to accomplish the following:

  • Serve as a mentor to a team of ~30 techs
  • Get techs trained/cleared in their respective areas in regard to equipment operation and maintenance (coordinating with other staff to set up training schedules and be paid for the sessions they provide whether a class or a clearance) - Note: Techs can get trained and earn clearances in any area, but they will focus their maintenance and support efforts in at least two particular areas (based on who their Lead is)
  • On-board new techs (as needed)
  • Identify & assign shop projects to techs
  • Plan a larger shop project or community project for one or more techs to complete


In order of importance:

  1. Determine the order of importance of this list.
  2. Unblock techs on the tasks they need to perform to keep tools running smoothly. This includes education and onboarding.
  3. Review the Asana tool reports, closing any that are unactionable and updating any that are languishing.
  4. Offboard techs that exit the program

Tech Onboarding

When a tech comes aboard, they need the following:

  • Shop tech status & an account in NeonOne
  • Addition to the “techs” group in the Wiki (requires them to login to Neon)
  • Grant August lock access (via August app)
  • Discord membership with the #Members and #Techs roles
  • Access to the password
  • Access to the relevant Asana projects (Shop & Maintenance Tasks, Purchase Requests) via addition to the Shop team in Asana.
  • Placement under a shop tech lead and in the shift table in the Shop Tech Central wiki page

Tech Offboarding

Periodically audit the above systems to ensure techs that have exited the program no longer have permissions.

  • Remove or retire the tech from each of the places above.

New Lead Onboarding

When a new lead comes onboard:

  • Admin status in Asana
  • A user (via
  • Membership in the Protohaven organization in Bitwarden, in the Tech Lead group.
  • Granted the TechLeads role in Discord (i.e. access to #tech-leads Discord channel)
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