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Storage Policy

Updated 2024-03-24

Protohaven provides overnight, weekly and monthly storage options as a convenience for members.

See the Shop Tech on duty to purchase storage.


Short term

  • Carts are movable and have a bottom shelf. Use them during the day to assist with projects, or rent them for overnight storage.
  • Tables can be found in the studio and the main aisle of the shop. They're ideal for medium to large glue-ups, drying, or curing.

Long term

  • Parking spaces are marked floor spaces, ideal for storing large builds or pieces of personal equipment.
  • Board and bar are ideal for storing longer lengths of wood or metal.
  • Sheet storage is for standard sheet goods up to 4'x8'.
  • Locker storage includes a locking door for tools, small projects, and personal belongings.
  • Cage storage provides secure storage with plenty of room for projects, materials and tools.
  • Rack storage is ideal for horizontal storage of larger materials or tools, up to 4'x8' in size.

If you need storage beyond these options, please reach out to


  • You must purchase storage for any items stored overnight or longer.
  • Stored items must remain within the dimensions of the storage unit (see the Cost table below with listed dimensions). For items stored on table tops and cart tops, the height of stored items cannot exceed four feet.
  • Items stored on the floor must be on wheels or a structure movable via our pallet jack.
  • Maximum 7 nights of short term storage over a 14 day period.
  • Max of 3 carts and 1 table at one time for one member.
  • Do not store living, perishable or other prohibited project item(s).

If you aren't sure if your storage is in compliance with these rules, ask a Shop Tech to verify.


When we discover a lapse in following any of the rules above, we will:

  1. Attach a physical Storage Violation tag to the item(s) involved
  2. Record the violation and owner in our digital system
  3. Email the owner of the items (if they are known)
  4. Post the violation to #storage on Discord
  5. List all relevant details on, including pictures and notes.

Violations are tracked for every member. If you violate Protohaven policy 3 or more times within 3 months, your membership will be suspended. Suspensions begin at 30 days, and increase by 60 days for each subsequent suspension.

If you use storage without paying for it, we will issue a violation fee that roughly matches the shortest-term rate for that storage type.

If you do not resolve a violation within 14 days, Protohaven staff/admin will resolve the violation for you by moving, disposing, or utilizing the violating items. If at this time resolving the violation requires paying any fees, your membership will be suspended until you have paid.

We will immediately take action if any items pose an active risk to the health and safety of Protohaven inhabitants. In extreme cases, we may also immediately revoke your membership.

If you receive a storage violation, or if your membership is suspended or revoked as a result of the violations, you may appeal the action to the board of directors. Appeals should be made in writing within 30 days of receiving notice. Appeals are to be submitted to


AMP members receive a 20% discount on storage. This does not apply to violation fees.

Storage Type Rate Violation Fee Dimensions (W x D x H)
Cart $5 overnight, $30/week $5/day 2’ x 4’ x 4’
Table $10 overnight $10/day 3’ x 6’ x 4’
Parking Space $5 overnight, $30/week, $75/month $5/day 2’ x 4’ x 6'
Board & Bar $5 overnight, $15/week, $25/month $5/day 1’ x 7’ x 1’ or 1’ x 2’ x 10’
Sheet $5 overnight, $25/week, $50/month $5/day 4’ x 8’ x 1’
Locker $10 overnight, $25/month $10/day 23” x 23” x 26”
Cage $10 overnight, $50/month $10/day 35” x “35” x 43”
Rack $10 overnight, $75/month (upper), $150/month (ground) $10/day ~96” x 41” x 24”

Terms and Conditions

Members who acquire storage agree to the below terms and conditions and to adhere to all of the policies and practices outlined above.

Storage is a privilege of membership and is only available to current members in good standing. Protohaven reserves the right to cancel or revoke a member’s storage privileges at any time. Should a situation occur where Protohaven needs to cancel or revoke storage for any reason, the organization will attempt to contact the member to coordinate retrieval of their belongings. In the event of storage or membership cancellation or revocation, no refund will be provided for any storage fees that have been paid for that time period.

Once a member leaves the premises for the day, any items that are not properly stored will be considered abandoned and may be moved, disposed of, or utilized without notification. This includes items that are stored outside of a storage receptacle and any atypical storage that has not been previously approved by Protohaven staff.

Storage fees are non-transferable and cannot be credited, refunded, or pro-rated.

It is the responsibility of members to keep track of the duration of their storage and when payments are due. Protohaven is not responsible for contacting members to remind them that their storage is near expiration or has expired. Unpaid storage will be charged the violation fees listed above. Refusal to pay late fees will result in suspension of membership.

While Protohaven strives to maintain a safe and secure environment, it cannot guarantee the safety or security of any items stored at Protohaven by its members. Members are solely responsible for their own belongings and assume all risks of damage or loss. Protohaven is not liable for any damage or loss of items stored at Protohaven, whether due to theft, fire, vandalism, natural disaster, or any other cause. By storing items at Protohaven, members agree to release Protohaven from any and all claims arising from damage or loss of such items. Members are encouraged to speak with their insurance provider to discuss any personal policies that might cover their belongings.

Members can choose to share storage, but Protohaven is not able to split storage fees. Members are not permitted to obtain Protohaven storage and subsequently rent it to another member or non-member for a profit.

Protohaven reserves the right to grant exceptions, cancel storage, limit the amount of storage for any member, and to amend these policies at any time.

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