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VCarve Pro Makerspace Edition for Protohaven


⚠️ VCarve Pro 11.5 was just released and while it will eventually work with Makerspaces it does not currently. Make sure you download the latest 11.0 version of the VCarve Pro Trial for use with the Protohaven Makerspace License.


You can download right version the trial of VCarve Pro here.


Once you have it installed you can set up the router download the database and add the Avid CNC Pro 60120 model with the default configuration.

Then go to Help and About VCarve Pro. Click Add Makerspace ID and add protohaven's Makerspace ID. It's pinned in the #CNC Channel on Discord.

Restart VCarve Pro for it to take effect.

Generating GCODE

You can't generate GCODE on your version of vCarve Pro even with the Makerspace ID set up. You will want to save your VCarve file (.crv) to a USB drive or Cloud Storage and open it on the CNC computer. From there you will open it in VCarve Pro on that computer and save the GCODE as you normally would to be opened in Mach 3

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