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Powder Coating Booth

Only use this booth if you have a powder coating clearance!


  1. Turn on the booth lights
  2. Connect the air hose (on the wall) to the control box (via the transparent tube)
  3. Turn the control box on
  4. With no powder loaded, confirm the control box has correct KVA and air pressure:
    1. Remove the powder gun from its holster and bring it to the control box
    2. Point the gun away from you and any electronics, then squeeze the trigger
    3. Adjust the displayed air pressure to between 2-4 PSI
    4. Adjust the KVA as recommended by your powder's spec sheet (default: 70KVA)
    5. Replace the powder gun in its holster
  5. Inspect the gun, ground clamp wires, and other areas of the booth for leftover powder and perform any missed cleanup steps as needed to prevent cross-contamination.
  6. Insert your powder into the cup and screw the cup into the lid that's mounted on the side of the booth.
  7. Turn on the air filter
  8. Mount your part securely, connect the ground clamp, and begin powder coating!


Keep the air filter running during cleanup to trap loose powder.

  1. Turn off the control box.
  2. Detach the cup, return remaining powder to your supply, then wash and dry thoroughly. Store the cup upside-down on the conical drying rack next to the control box.
  3. Detach the air hose from the control box. With the air filter running, use the air hose in a sweeping motion to push any loose powder towards the filter at the back of the booth.
  4. Place the gun on the floor and oriented towards the rear wall, then use the air hose to blow air into the intake of the powder gun (the larger opening in the cup mount) for 2-3 seconds to eject remaining powder from the line.
  5. Using a slightly damp paper towel, wipe down any loose powder on the ground clamp, cable, and all surfaces of the powder gun and its hoses. Holster the powder gun.
  6. Use the shop vac to clean up any remaining loose powder from the filter, booth walls, floor, powder cup mount area, ground clamp and cable, and anywhere else you find it.
  7. Turn off the booth light and the air filtration system, and tidy up any cables.
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