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Kern Industrial Laser (Incomplete)



Pin Port Wired
CN0-1 Gnd Ground from power supply
CN0-2 +24V 24V from power supply
CN1-1 Gnd Light → CN1-6
CN1-2 Out2
CN1-3 Out1
CN1-4 Status Light → CN1-6
CN1-5 Blower Signal wire to the Marty Timer
CN1-6 +24V to Lights Above
CN2-1 Gnd Gnd to Gecko
CN2-2 Foot Switch
CN2-3 Door Control
CN2-4 Shot
CN2-5 In1
CN2-6 +24V
CN3-1 Gnd
CN3-2 Limit U-
CN3-3 Limit U+
CN3-4 Limit Z-
CN3-5 Limit Z+
CN3-6 +5v Vin for WP1 sensor
CN4-1 Gnd
CN4-2 Limit Y- Y endstop
CN4-3 Limit Y+
CN4-4 Limit X- X endstop
CN4-5 Limit X+
CN4-6 +5v Vin for X and Y endstops
CN5-1 Gnd Laser Signal Gnd
CN5-2 Lon1
CN5-3 LPWM1 Laser Signal +
CN5-4 WP1 Light + Water Flow Switch
CN5-5 +24v
CN6-1 Gnd
CN6-2 Lon2
CN6-4 WP2
CN6-5 +24v
Axis U-1 DIR / CCW
Axis U-2 PUL / CW
Axis U-3 +5v
Axis Z-1 DIR / CCW
Axis Z-2 PUL / CW
Axis Z-3 +5v To loose wire
Axis X-1 DIR / CCW To Gecko
Axis X-2 PUL / CW To Gecko
Axis X-3 +5v
Axis Y-1 DIR / CCW To Gecko
Axis Y-2 PUL / CW To Gecko
Axis Y-3 +5v

Stepper Motor Driver

Main Terminal Block

1 Input 1 (DB25 Pin 10
2 Input 2 (DB25 Pin 11
3 Input 3 (DB25 Pin 12
4 Input 4 (DB25 Pin 13
5 Output 1 (DB25 Pin 17)
6 Output 2 (DB25 Pin 1)
7 VFD Ground
8 VFD Output
9 VFD +10VDC
10 estop (pull to ground)
11 +18-50V
12 Power Supply Ground

DB25 Connector

1 Output 2
2 X Axis Step
3 X Axis Direction
4 Y Axis Step
5 Y Axis Direction
6 Z Axis Step
7 Z Axis Direction
8 A Axis Step
9 A Axis Direction
10 Input 1
11 Input 2
12 Input 3
13 Input 4
14 VFD PWM 50Hz
15 Fault (inputs to PC
16 Charge Pump
17 Output 1
18 GND
19 GND
20 GND
21 GND
22 GND
23 GND
24 GND
25 GND

DB9 Motor Connectors

1 Current Set resistor
5 Current Set resistor
6 Phase B motor wire
7 Phase /B motor wire
8 Phase A motor wire
9 Phase /A motor wire

reference diagram

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