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Drum Sander (Incomplete)

Write Tool Introduction Here.

The Tool Safety, Tool Care, Operation, section of this guide are what instructors use to ensure that you can use the equipment according to community expectations.


Millwork & Joinery clearance or class equivalent is required before use.


🚫 Do not do this

⚠️ Warning about this

See the Safety Section for more information.

Tool Anatomy

Image and descriptions of various parts

For more visit the manufacturers website and user manual both linked at the top of this document.

Tool Safety


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Tool Care


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Before you start using the printer you are expected to do an initial inspection of the printer and access its readiness for use. Consult the checklist at the end of this document as well as the detailed processes here.

Maintenance Requests

If you encounter any of the issues listed in the Inspection area or have any other issues with the printer not working properly

  • Update the physical Maintenance Tag at the machine
    • 🟢Green can be used without issue
    • 🟡Yellow can be used withcaution
    • ⛔Red cannot be used without hazard to either the user or the equipment
  • Record issues at https:%// This notifies our staff and volunteer maintenance crew of any issues.


Installing & Tightening Abrasive Paper

Microsoft Word - M-723520_JWDS-1632,1836 Sanders_Edition 4.docx

  • Press the  fastener lever on the left end of the drum
  • Insert the tapered end of your abrasive strip through the slit in the fastener until the right edge aligns with the reference notch
    * Ensure the tapered edge of your strip is aligned with the left edge of the drum
  • Release the lever to secure in place

Microsoft Word - M-723520_JWDS-1632,1836 Sanders_Edition 4.docx

  • Wrap the strip in a spiral fashion by rotating the drum while  you guide the strip
  • Ensure the spiral does not overlap at any point
  • Make sure it’s flush and without large gaps

Microsoft Word - M-723520_JWDS-1632,1836 Sanders_Edition 4.docx

  • Press the inboard take-up lever
  • Insert the end of the strip as far as it will go
  • If necessary, trim the tapered end of the strip
  • Release inboard take-up lever to secure

Using the Tuftool

As you can see in the photos below you can use the tuftool to raise and latch open the inboard take-up lever.

Basic Operation

  • Establish depth of cut
  • Start dust collection system
  • Start sanding drum
  • Start conveyor
  • Select feed rate
  • Feed your material through machine
  • Once material is halfway through, reposition yourself to outfeed to control your board as it exits


Problem 1

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Additional Resources

Staff Use


If you are part of the maintenance group please log on to the #maintenance channel of our Discord server to:

  • Perform a Maintenance Action
  • Request a Maintenance Purchase
  • Review complete Maintenance Logs for each machine
  • Generally chit-chat about maintenance


The following should be in a Maintenance tool kit for the….

  • item1
  • item2

Regular Maintenance

Installing Wrap

Installing Bed

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