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CNC Pro Plasma Tool Tutorial

Manufacturer:  Avid CNC

Model: Pro Plasma 4×8

Torch: Hypertherm Powermax 65

Manual:  https:%%//

CNC Plasma Operations Checklist

Initial Setup: Powering On

  • Check that water height is within roughly ⅛” to the top of slats
  • Verify work area and gantry rails are clear of any obstacles
  • Load your material on the water table
  • Verify all E-Stop & Proximity Limit Switches are unlocked
  • Verify torch mount is aligned with the magnetic base plate
  • Inspect Torch Consumables
  •  Check for appropriate nozzle type: regular or detail (swap if necessary)
  • Check for damage (replace if necessary)
  • Turn on CNC Control Box (red switch) and Plasma Power Unit
  • Verify that motor on CNC Control Box  is enabled (black switch)
  • Set appropriate amperage on the Plasma Power Unit (consult Hypertherm Torch Operator Manual to reference your Material Type & Thickness)
  • Set the Plasma Power Unit to the appropriate Operating Mode.

(Non-continuous pilot arc is the standard for piercing and cutting metal plate)

  • Attach Grounding Clamp to either the water bed or your material
  • Verify a compressed air line is connected to the Plasma Power Unit

Preparing G-Code: SheetCam

  • Feed Rate
  • Pierce Delay
  • Pierce Height
  • Cut Height
  • Import your plasma .DXF file as “new part”
  • Select your part
  • Create new “Plasma Cut” Operation (Operation>Plasma Cut)
  • Select the layer that contains the vectors you want to cut
  • Choose Contour Method
  • Outside Offset is typical for jobs with a mix of closed/open profiles
  • Enter the feed rate based on your material type and thickness
  • Configure lead-in and lead-out settings and press OK
  • Verify that the cutting preview shows the appropriate direction & leads
  • Run the Post Processor to create your .TAP g-code file

Operation: Mach 3

  • Hit flashing red “Reset” button to clear Emergency Stop condition
  • If the button does not reset when clicked, check that E-Stops & Proximity Limit Switches are unlocked
  • Select “Reference All Home” (wait until all three axis lights are green)
  • Zero X, Y, and Z axis
  • Load your file (File>Load G-Code)
  • Jog the machine head to the left/front corner of the desired origin (arrow keys)
  • Before zeroing, make note of the coordinates so that, if you need to restart mid-cut,  you’ll have the exact location to return to
  • If prefered, select ”MDI Alt 2” to manually jog to the nearest whole number for your desired origin
  • Zero X and Y on the left/front corner of the desired origin
  • Zero Z with torch approximately ¼” above the material surface (page up/down)
  • Trace the job location using jog/arrow keys to ensure your file fits where desired
  • Safety Check:
  • Identify nearest fire extinguisher
  • Ensure E-Stop is easily accessible
  • Put on appropriate eye protection
  • Select  “Cycle Start” to begin cutting


  • Wipe down and dry all rails, gear tracks, and machine components
  • Select “Reference All Home” to jog the head of the machine
  • Jog the machine head slightly away from Home/Proximity Limit Switches
  • Turn off the CNC Control Box
  • Note any major maintenance needs at
  • Disconnect the Ground Clamp and place it next to the power unit
  • Recycle waste in appropriate scrap bins

Additional Resources

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