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Jewelry Supplies

Tools, Equipment, Materials and Metals  Silver and precious metals, very high quality and may be more expensive yet when you need quality or specialized sizes of metals wire, sheet, tubes and more this is the place to go.  They are also where I sell my precious metal scrap and they offer great service and percentages of value.   Ordering is by phone  You can order almost anything from Rio Grande, metals, tools, findings, display needs, packaging and much much more.  I buy my base metals (copper, brass, etc.) from them even though the price may be a tiny bit higher because they package it so well that I can use all of it.  Other suppliers have sent me bent and scratched metals.  You can buy silver and precious metals too, the selection and quality may not be as great as Hauser and Miller.  Rio is great at technical support and will help you with any problems or questions about what you purchase from them and are good about replacing items that are defective.   They have a very good selection of tools and accessories and tend to be lower in price.  I really like them and have used them often.   I buy the patterned brass strips from them and they have an assortment of odds and ends in base metals including chains that are fun and useful.  I don’t recommend them for sheet metal, they package it very poorly.  Their shipping is not very fast.

http:%%//  They have a fine line of high end and general jewelers tools.  They also carry specialty tools and hammers that may not be available elsewhere.  I have ordered a lot of supplies, furniture and tools from Kingsley North and had a good experience with them.  I find that they change their offerings often so sometimes they don’t carry something that I purchased from them previously.  Address: 104 Wabash St, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

 (412) 539-0400  Great for when you are desperate for a tools, some metals, packaging and display supplies. They are in the West End.  Their prices are higher but you can have it the same day, you pick it up and don’t have to pay shipping costs.  You will need to open an account with them and give them your sales tax certificate to keep on file.

You may contact me:

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