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Einscan SE 3D Scanner Tool Tutorial

Model: Einscan SE

Manufacturer: Shining 3D

Documentation:  Guidebook , Manual


No clearances required.   Familiarity with object meshes and 3D modeling is helpful.


⚠️ The software for the scanner is truly awful, buggy it freezes or crashes frequently.  Be prepared to deal with its quirks.

Tool Anatomy

Assembled view:

Exploded View, shows calibration card and power supply:

  • Camera Module
  • Turntable
  • Calibration Card
  • Power Supply
  • USB Cable.
  • Power Button on back of camera module

Tool Safety

This tool can’t hurt you aside from the software sapping your willl to live with how bad it is.

Tool Care


Check the Connections for the Power supply, USB, and Turntable are all firmly attached.


Use a lint free cloth to dust the camera module before use if you notice that dust has built up.

Occasionally dust the turntable.

Maintenance Requests

If you encounter any of the issues listed in the Inspection area or have any other issues with the printer not working properly

- Update the physical Maintenance Tag at the machine

🟢Green can be used without issue

🟡Yellow can be used with caution

⛔Red cannot be used without hazard to either the user or the equipment

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Record issues at https:%%// This notifies our staff and volunteer maintenance crew of any issues


Scanner Operation

It's pretty easy to figure out once you are in the software when it’s working.  There are a lot of settings to tweak so be sure to Check out the Manual linked at the top of the document

Note that the PC connected to the scanner has less ram and a lower video card than the software recommends.


Additional Resources

Staff Use


If you are part of the maintenance group please log on to the #maintenance channel of our Discord server to:

  • Perform a Maintenance Action
  • Request a Maintenance Purchase
  • Review complete Maintenance Logs for each machine
  • Generally chit-chat about maintenance


The following should be in a Maintenance tool kit for the scanner

Regular Maintenance

Dust the Scanner

Update the Software

System Requirements

  • Core i5 3rd Gen
  • 16GB Ram
  • GPU Nvidia 660 2GB Video Ram

Recommended system

  • Core i7 8700
  • 32GB Ram
  • GPU Nvidia GTX1060 4GB Video Ram

Occasionally we should update the

=== Hippocratic Oath ===

* Start with the Manual
* Ask questions
* Do no harm
* Know your limits
* Document your actions
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