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Personal Protective Equipment

  • Standard shop personal protective equipment (safety glasses, no long hair, no flowing clothes, etc.) are required
  • ABSOLUTELY NO gloves, rings, bracelets, or other items on your hands or fingers, as these may get caught on tools or work.

Safe Operation

Always unplug the machine from the electrical outlet immediately after using, when cleaning, when making any user servicing adjustments, or if you are leaving the machine unattended.

  • To unplug the machine, switch the machine to the symbol “O” position to turn it off.
  • Grasp the plug and pull it out of the electrical outlet. Do not pull on the cord.
  •  Plug the machine directly into the electrical outlet. Do not use an extension cord.

Never operate this machine if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or water is spilled on the unit.

  • To avoid electric shock or fire; do not use a damaged power supply plug or loose electrical outlet, and ensure that the power supply plug is fully inserted and secure.•
  • While the machine is stored or in use if you notice anything unusual, such as an odor, heat,discoloration or deformation, stop using the machine immediately and unplug the power cord.

Six-Needle Anatomy


  • Install Bobbin
  • Turn on machine
  • Select embroidery pattern
  • Edit embroidery pattern
  • Specify embroidery settings
  • Check previewed image
  • Hoop the fabric in embroidery frame
  • Attache embroidery frame to the machine
  • Check the embroidery area
  • Thread the upper threads
  • Unlock the machine, then press the start/stop button to begin embroidering. (Machine automatically stops at pattern completion)
  • Check thread tension
  • Remove the embroidery frame, then remove fabric from frame
  • Turn off the machine
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