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Protohaven Wiki

Welcome to the Protohaven Wiki. The goal here is to make a site where it's easy to manage and find information for our makerspace. We welcome your contributions to the wiki, look here if you want to learn how to help.

Laser Safe Materials

It's very important that members using our Laser tools know the material that they are using and that it is an approved material. Consult the Protohaven Approved Laser Material List for more information.

Tool Tutorials

Tool Tutorials are the primary point of information for the tools at Protohaven. Any and all relevant information about the safety, operation, and maintenance of the tool should be contained inside of it's tool tutorial. We are always accepting thoughtful additions to our information base if you find an opportunity to add to a tool tutorial.

Equipment Reservation Guide

If you need guidance in using the equipment reservation system at Check out the reservation guide to get more help.

Proficiency Based Clearances

Members who are already proficient in the subject matter may apply to earn a clearance by demonstrating to an adjudicator that they already possess the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively use the equipment. You can browse the clearances and their requirements here.

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